Sunday, August 24, 2014

The August Break 2014 - memory

After just reading an article in the Sunday newspaper on dementia
I had to smile when I saw the word was "memory" for today.
Thank goodness I have this wall of memories in my dining room.
Lest we never forget memories of family with JOY.
Each of our memories is individual to ourselves.
Treasure them,
Share them with those you love.


Laurie said...

You're so right Marilyn, my memories are such a part of me; those I love, who have passed, these memories are what make up who I am today. Blessings, Laurie.

Oh, I posted on my blog my place that gives me peace. Please come visit!

Madelief said...

And what a beautiful wall of memories it is!! To treasure always!

Have a lovely new week!

Madelief x

Deb said...

I love picture galleries. I have always had one in my home and they consist of mostly family photos of cherished times. I'm always drawn to the walls that display photos. In my work I am in client's homes daily and I love to see their art and photo galleries. Deb

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

That was ironical - Made me smile too Marilyn - must be our age!!!
Love the family photos, they become more precious as we get older don't they. I love looking back on the few I've got of my mothers family.
Yours are beautifully displayed - my are still in boxes - shame on me...
One day when I retire for good these things will get done...I'd better hurry!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful posting.
Thank God for memories and our memory to remember those we love.


Tracy said...

What a beautiful way to collect your memories and family, Marilyn. Dementia is a scary thing... how sad to lose one's self of self and memories. ((HUGS))