Friday, August 29, 2014

The August Break 2014 - nature

For anyone that has read my blog for awhile you know I love nature.
My first thoughts when thinking on nature are animals such as the elephants
 at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.
Maybe your thoughts go to forests and the force of nature, as mine also did.
But for everyday it is flowers for me; so I was thrilled when I came across
this u-pick field of flowers.
I had been dreaming of picking a large bouquet of sunflowers and
then have fallen in love with zinnias too; so I was singing the Happy song.
Did you notice the bumblebee in the sunflower too!
Oh JOY, my heart sings in nature.


Jeanne said...

Nature is truly divine.
Thanks for your lovely postings

Love Jeanne

Happy Friday

Happy Labour Day Weekend

Jeanne said...

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
~ Albert Einstein ~

Tracy said...

Oh, the elephants! What an experience that must of been! Something so gentle, yet majestic about elephants. LOVE the zinnas! Don't see them much here, so I miss them. I brought back seeds from back home, but they didn't work out... :o/ I love being outdoors. I feel very close to God there--greatest cathedral... Happy Weekend, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Steph said...

Wonderful discovery! Tom has grown many sunflowers of all shapes and sizes this year. So beautiful! They make me sneeze but I enjoy them on our patio.

Laurie said...

Awesome pictures Marilyn! I too love nature, and you have captured it so well. Now I need to go down the road to the farm where you go down the rows and pick your own bouquets!

Linda P said...

We have pick-your-own-fruit farms in the UK, but as far as I'm aware no fields and facilities to pick-your-own-flowers, so the experience must be a delight.

Jeanie said...

I'm looking at all the August break photos although not commenting on everything. But this -- so dazzling with my beloved zinnias center stage -- how could I not?