Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The August Break 2014 - on the table

This week my little D figured out how to open the cabinet with my vases.
In the cabinet he pulled out this vintage turquoise dish
and held it gently in his hands.
He turned to me and said, "mimi's flower".
I am mimi and I said "yes".
He returned it to the cabinet.
He remembered that I often put a flower in it
and place it on the dinner table.
So here is mimi's flower on the table just for you.


Rosemary said...


Adrienne said...

So sweet!

Tracy said...

Thank you, Mimi! (I called one of my grandmothers Mimi. So sweet D calls you that too. :o) LOVELY image. This has such a magical quality--the light and colors! So tranquil...((HUGS))

Laura Morrigan said...

It is lovely that he is so gentle with things! :)

Jeanie said...

What a sweetheart you have in D. And a beautiful photo to share.

Very busy trying to catch up from a week without blogging before I go to my next week without! Glad I came here -- more to come!