Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nibble Lesson

Recently I noticed my little guy stuffing cookies in his mouth;
so a nibble lesson was in order over tea.
He did so well with the first half of the little sugar cookie,
but just couldn't resist stuffing the rest into his mouth.
He does love his tea and often asks to have tea
in his little teapot.  His tea consists sometimes of just water,
but often cooled tea quite diluted.
He knows tea party is a special time.
I let him pour and pour he did,
all over the table went the tea,
cups overflowing and smiles.

Oh what fun it is to share tea with little ones
and the perfect place to learn to nibble.
JOY, JOY! to tea parties with little ones.


angie said...

soooooo sweet!!!!!!! happy new year!!! hugs angie from germany

Bernideen said...

What a doll and he is learning to be such a "gentleman". I'm sure he will never forget these times Marilyn! Thanks for sharing your precious posting!

Sandra said...

So nice that you share tea time. My grand-daughter likes to play tea at times too. We usually just have imaginary tea; in her Minnie Mouse Tea Set that we gave to her. I am so happy that she loves it and wants to play with it. Special memories.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Oh yes, I remember the days like this but now we've graduated to tea rooms!

Lorrie said...

One little granddaughter is very fond of pompom tea - she stirs and "pours" it with aplomb.
Cute little cheeks all full of sugar cookie!

Catherine said...

What an adorable post. He is precious!!
Enjoy each and every moment and take lots of pictures. These times go so quickly.
xo Catherine

Gwen said...

Oh, Marilyn, he is just so darn cute!! Just have to tell you this story about my friend's granddaughter at just about this age. She would "serve" tea and it could be just about anything, water, orange juice, apple juice, etc. One day she went to serve her grandma and she said "honey, grandma is really full right now. Without missing a beat, she said "grandma, would you like some wine?" Out of the mouths of babes!!

Michele said...

Your little tea sipper is so cute I actually squealed out loud when I saw that tiny little teacup in his pudgy tiny little bitty hands. That is cute beyond words. Oh my gosh.

I am sorry to learn you had to have surgery - esp as close to the holidays.

I wish you joy, peace and good health for this new year. Enjoy your tea time, those little ones grow entirely too fast.

God bless.

Jeanie said...

This is adorable and he is so darned cute I can't stand it! I love that you are having tea parties and introducing him to tea -- even if it's all over everything!

Hope today finds you a little better. Big hugs!

Jeanne said...

So sweet thanks for all you share
Love Jeanne

Mary said...

Well little D's training in the etiquette of tea pouring, drinking, serving etc. couldn't come from anyone better than his knowledgeable grandma! He's as cute as a button with those cookie filled cheeks - and the pic of him sipping from the blue cup is precious. Know you and J are having such fun teaching him these special things - hope someone is being kind to you two as you recuperate from your respective surgeries - true togetherness, haha!

Love you - Mary

Joy said...

Oh, he is adorable! My 2.5 year old granddaughter is quite skilled at drinking from a china cup, but has only poured imaginary tea, so far. Tea parties are such fun!

Adrienne said...

Your little fellow is so handsome! He's learning the art of taking tea and he will eventually perfect the art of pouring, too.

Kathy Walker said...

Your grandson is adorable. I can't believe how he has grown. They are so much to have fun cooking and serving us! What a lovely, special afternoon!

Linda Jennings said...

He is adorable! I remember when Austin and I had little tea parties like this one. And, I love the Thomas, the #1 Tank Engine shirt he is wearing for tea. You are making wonderful memories!

Margie said...

So cute! It's never to early to instill the love of tea.

Deb said...

This post is adorable. Deb

Angela McRae said...

This may be the *cutest* blog post you've ever done! Those sweet little cheeks just make me smile!