Thursday, January 22, 2015

Surprise + Delight

Each season when I visit the Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland,
I am surprised with what I find and delighted.
This was fruit of the pomegranate, which did delight me.

Recently when I was walking through my local market where you can often find me,
a sign caught my eye above the jewelry store.
It said surprise + delight.
I have thought of that often since seeing that sign.
It doesn't have to be a piece of jewelry to delight me.
It doesn't even have to be anything with a price tag.
But little surprises such as seeing this pomegranate fruiting
or sitting by my breakfast window watching the hummingbirds feed
are just the surprises that delight me.
 I do love surprises alot and as you can probably tell
I search for those small things that surprise + delight.

What little surprises delight you, especially ones without a price tag?


Lorrie said...

I'm learning to look for the little things that delight - just one square of chocolate, the sight of snowdrops in the garden, sitting by the fire when it's raining outside.

Jeanie said...

Well, I'd be mighty delighted to see signs of spring! Chalk on the pavement -- a child's art slate! Tulips in winter. Snuggling with a book. An unexpected phone call from a friend... the list is endless!

Steph said...

Love the photo where it's busted open!

Laura Morrigan said...

What a beautiful tiny pomegranate! I hope you did not eat any seeds and get stuck living in the garden!

Tracy said...

oh, how simply sweet is that little pomegranate!! Like a precious jewel--only more precious, I think--it is priceless! Like you, things with price tags don't set off my delight buttons. Oftentimes it's things in nature that delight the most, and like the pomegranate, they've got not price tag. Lately the mornings here have been especially exquisite, so colorful... Happy Day, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Jeanne said...

My family is my sheer joy and delight. The eyes and smiles of those I love the thoughts of spring
good books great music and beautiful friends like you just to name a few delightful things.
Love your postings
Love Jeanne

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Surprise and Delight--I love these two words together, and I would have been delighted to see those pomegranates, too! So many things without price tags surprise and delight me: a bird I've never seen before visiting one of my feeders, walking through town and discovering a secret love note posted on a lamp post, figuring out a new combination of fruits and veggies to put together in my juicer . . . just to name a few. Hope your day is sprinkled with some delightful surprises, Marilyn! xo

Karen said...

Love this post! Surprise and delight: meeting a new kindergarten student for the first time and he reaches for my hand and gently squeezes, a special needs child exclaiming in pure joy: "Look! I did it!", the hugs and "I love you." I receive several times a day from the little ones I teach. These surprise, delight, and bless me greatly. Thank you for the little 'end of the day reflection'!

Mary said...

Whenever I recall our visit to those amazing gardens and tea room with you, right in the heart of the city, I have such a good feeling. It was all so beautiful in summer, but I just know it's winter jewels, such as the pomegranate, must be breathtaking too!

I have lovely deep pink camellias blooming now, snowdrops are pushing up their green tips, and a woodpecker is stuffing peanuts along the top of the back door - free entertainment through the cold window glass - how fortunate am I!

Hope all is well dear and the weekend is good for you all.
Love, Mary

Angela McRae said...

The birds on my deck surprised me (and my husband) this morning. Suddenly there were about two dozen tiny little wrens (I guess) dive-bombing the deck. We realized a bunch of sweetgum balls had seeded there, and apparently the birds were enjoying a feast. It was fun to watch them!