Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Tea Time

Christmas time is beginning to make an appearance in my home.
From the papercut tree sitting on the tea table
to a special cup of holiday tea.
Of course my favorite cookie, a Cherry Wink, sitting on the side.

If you have read along with me for a long time you will know
I usually drink my tea straight up.
No blends, sugar, or milk in my cup.
Then rules are meant to be broken.
Last year a friend mentioned this tea and it sounded just like a cup of
Christmas time.  The only place I found it was on Amazon.com;
but they were sold out.  A couple weeks ago I decided to check my
Wish List on Amazon and it was now available.
It is The Noel from Compagnie Coloniale in France.
It is flavored with almonds and cherries and smells amazing.
Well when I tasted it the flavor spoke well of the smell.
For a blended tea it is quite good.
A special treat, dessert tea for the holiday season.


Sylvia said...

The tea sounds really good. I use honey in my Tea,

Lorrie said...

It's fun when Christmas appears in bits and pieces, building up to the crescendo of the day. Lovely photos.

Jeanie said...

I love your sweet papercut tree! And the wonderful candle. Oh, it really is the loveliest way to start the Christmas season, isn't it?

Bernideen said...

Just the sound of the tea is wonderful! Love your posting! So glad you shared that special tree cut out of paper. Lovely white teaset which would nice go with EVERYTHING Marilyn!

Margie said...

I'm also a fan of the papercut tree. I'd love to try the Noel tea!

Adrienne said...

The tea sounds amazing! I love your photos and I can imagine you sitting down to enjoy a good cup of Christmastime tea!

Joy said...

Ooh, that sounds delicious! Enjoy the tea and enjoy all the blessings of this wonderful Christmas season.

Gail said...

HI MARILYN - great pictures - so inviting and delicate . And The Noel' tea sounds so delicious. I could smell it from here :-) I hope your Christmas season is filled with many blessings.
Love Gail

Rosemary said...

It's beginning to look (and taste) a lot like Christmas! Love your photo with the gold beads.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Marilyn, like you, I'm not usually one for flavored teas, but that one does sound good. I like some brands of Earl Grey, but some taste like pine cleaner! You'll find I'm all about tea! :D