Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Gingerbread Man

Saturday I had a little helper in the kitchen.
It was gingerbread man day.
Oh what fun this time of the year is for making gingerbread men,
stars, snowflakes, and reindeer.
In the morning it was a Gingerbread Man puppet show
and in the afternoon cookies to delight our hearts.
The more sprinkles the better.
The gingerbread man needed a heart too.
Yum, Yum Gingerbread Man!


Bernideen said...

He is such a charmer!~ Great fun!

Linda P said...

What a wonderful day you had with your grandson!

martea said...

Wish I could have been in your kitchen too. What fun he is having with you! Brings back so many memories.

Jeanie said...

FOUR STAR ADORABLE! He's so darned cute and so are the gingers! Speaking of gingers, will we have a Joey sighting in the near future? No antlers required!

Linda Jennings said...

You are making the most wonderful memories!

Steph said...

Look at that tiny rolling pin! So cute, all around.