Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Little Guy and Trains

When you are a boy of three there is nothing better than trucks, cars, and trains;
so off to the model railroad show we went.
It was a reproduction of the Columbia Gorge in the 1940's.
There was even a drive-in movie of the Wizard of Oz.
Fun to see the perspective here.
Boys having fun!

Even the circus was in town.

A tugboat in the river.
Thomas the Train was traveling by, but my camera hadn't come out yet.
He was a hit with the little guy.
For awhile we stepped into another world with delight.
It was so fun to see it through a little ones eyes.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Isn't it lovely seeing things through a little ones eyes - taken back in time too!
The Wizard of Oz was my daughters fave movie when she was young!
Wonderment is one of the joys of life!

Rosemary said...

Wherever there is a train.... there is a boy of any age! We had several train enthusiasts grow up in our household - and I even made train birthday cakes. Such fun!

Linda Jennings said...

Love this post! It brings back memories of our boys at that age.

Geoff said...

Great post. And your photos are simply awesome.

Lorrie said...

Trains are so admired by little ones. Our little guy is enthralled with Thomas and his friends and one of them might be under the tree. Your photos of the model railway are lovely.

Jeanie said...

He just enchants me. I love the rapt fascination in his face!

Adrienne said...

What fun adventures for a little boy - and his grandparents! There's nothing as fascinating as a train when you're young. Or 'old'. We've been to that show and it's amazing how much the 'big boys' put into their collections.