Monday, April 18, 2016

Notes from the Garden

The first rose deserves to be acknowledged with the first post
of "Notes from the Garden".
Lady Banksia is just gorgeous now on the trellis in my backyard.
But this was the first rose and the scent is just amazing!
Believe it or not it is a Peace rose, but the first bloom is always pink
and doesn't show it's yellow tints.  Sort of strange I think,
but I love that it shows up each year and scents the garden.

Welcome to my new Monday posts "Notes from the Garden".
Sometimes it will be from my garden, but it could be
from any garden that crosses my path.


martea said...

The peace rose has always been one of my favorite...
I'm really looking forward to your new "Notes from the Garden" posts. What a fun *note* book for your series...

Laura Morrigan said...


Jeanie said...

What a fun idea for a weekly post! And it will be fun to see what the next notes bring.

Tracy said...

How wonderful to begin your news series, Marilyn--celebrating roses, and the very first ones of the season too! I love roses, but have not had a lot of luck with them in our garden. Look forward to your outdoor festivity here each week now. :) ((HUGS))

Joy said...

Beautiful roses! I love seeing your flowers, am looking forward to this series.