Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tea Time at the Park

 Sunday was time for tea in the park.
It was our first outdoor ceremony this year.
What a delight to join 11 others at the Viet Nam Memorial
and sip tea together.
 Each tea set is always fun to see.
 Savoring the afternoon sun delighted our souls.
 Serving our friends brings JOY around the circle.
Gathering together with hugs and meditation
it is tea time at the park.

At the end of sipping tea there is often a poem or quote shared.
This was the quote shared on this occasion of tea at the park.
"I take pleasure in tea,
appreciating it with my spirit and
therefore cannot explain why.
The spirit of the Way of Tea,
when put into words,
seems to banal."
~Sen Joo


Geoff said...

Makes me wish I had weekends off.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such a beautiful setting. I think you have been having some record warm days? What a lovely way to spend them. Thanks for your lovely visit and comment! Glad you like my little teapot.

Jeanie said...

You do the most fun things -- an what a fabulous setting! A little to early for us to be in the park but it will come!