Thursday, April 14, 2016


Recently I saw this on Facebook and was touched by the words.

It reminds me to have courage, to set out and be bold.
To follow my dreams even if they take a different twist or turn than I expected.

As you know I love quotes.
This one is a long one, but so true.

For quite awhile now I have had Mondays Quotes and though quotes
will show up in other posts from time to time,
it is time for a new Monday series.
Starting this coming Monday the new series will be
"Notes from the Garden".
It could be from my garden or another garden,
but I am looking forward to sharing
"Notes from the Garden" on Monday's.


Lorrie said...

Those are beautiful words from Pablo Neruda - words to take to heart. Thank you for sharing them.

Mary said...

Such amazing words Marilyn - and I've always loved Pablo Neruda since viewing that wonderful romantic movie, IL POSTINO (one of my most favorite films ever!). If you, or your readers, haven't seen it, hurry up and watch!

I'll look forward to your new "Notes From the Garden" series on Mondays.
I seem to be blogging continuously about my garden and flowers lately - Spring fever big time!

Happy weekend - Mary

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, this is a gift. Sometimes the right words to share with someone come when least expected. This is a keeper.

Tracy said...

Oh, my... these words... I needed these courage-infused words right now! And Neruda, in his wisdom, always knows what we need. ;) Similar words have been brewing in me. To step out of a comfort zone--even if we know it's not working for us--is BIG. We have to keep reaching out for nourishment, to no keep dying while we're alive. To mix it up, while we can still shake it! THANK YOU for this! And I'll be looking forward to your new Monday series too! Thank you for the nourishment shared here, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Joy said...

I always enjoy your quotes, but I look forward to notes from the garden also.