Monday, April 25, 2016

Notes from the Garden

Missing the little notebook today, as my computer with the photo is missing in action right now.
Never the less, here we are at Monday and Notes from the Garden.
The sky yesterday was just amazing, at moments there were raindrops and then there was this
glorious blueness!  Between the raindrops I stopped by to see what was happening
at my favorite rose gardens, not far from my home, Peninsula Park.
Welcome to this beautiful garden.
I found this lovely cluster of clematis wrapped around a light pole.
Ohhhhhh!  Roses were beginning to bloom.
I absolutely love the structure with the lined boxwood borders.
The yellow roses were in full bloom.
But I do believe this single petaled rose was my favorite.
Take time today to smell a rose or take a walk in a garden nearby.


Mary said...

I'm smelling the roses from here Marilyn! I recall you taking us to that lovely park - Portland certainly has earned its name beautiful name, City of Roses, and they are always stunning to see.

Happy week dear friend.

Sylvia said...

I love roses and these are gorgeous!

Jeanie said...

This is beautiful, Marilyn. I am a tad envious. Oh, those roses! I'm enjoying your Monday gardens!

Lorrie said...

OH, the roses! So beautiful. None are blooming here, yet, so I'll imagine the lovely scent. We're still smelling lilacs so that's a good thing, too.

Tracy said...

What a very BEAUTIFUL formal garden... Oh... the roses... *swoon*... :))) ((HUGS))

Laura Morrigan said...

So beautiful!