Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Breathe and Sip - A Moment to Play

  Does this time of year find you a bit frantic and rushed?
The past few days have been quite busy for me.
Did you notice I didn't get my walk in this past week.
Very sad to miss that, but my walk will be back next week.
Only three more Monday walks this year!
 I did manage a break for a cup of yummy latte.
Now this wasn't just any latte.
It was hot chocolate with spicy tea at Alma's Chocolate shop.
Yes, there was tea involved.
It was time to put my feet up for a few moments and sip.
Don't you love that orange couch?
It is there just for this, photo shoots.
You can find the orange couch shots on Instagram
at #orangecouchsessions
How I would love winning their $100 worth of chocolate.
It is one of the top chocolate shops in the country.
There are several chocolates which incorporate
tea from Smith Teamakers, another local special company
here in Portland, Oregon.

Hope you can find a moment for something in your cup
and a time to just breathe and play.


Red Rose Alley said...

There you are! It's nice to see our blog friend's faces once in awhile. What a charming shop. This chocolate shop is just my kind of place. And that orange couch is unique. Have never seen one quite like it before. It's nice that you had a few moments to sip and enjoy the hot chocolate. It looks Yummy.


Lorrie said...

A hot chocolate latte sounds wonderful! Glad to see you on the orange couch. It's good to put your feet up once in awhile.

Jeanie said...

That's cool having the orange couch for photo shoots -- good marketing, too!

Tracy said...

Oh, how lovely... your respite this week, Marilyn! LOVE that pic of you, feet up, cushy velvet and warm drink... What fun to have a real chocolate shop nearby, with good drinks, good atmosphere...mmm... That's such fun--a sofa just for photos! I must admit, I too, am feeling the crunch at the moment. There feels just a little bit too much to doo, too much on the calendar, the to-do list, meeting people's expectations...December is a great mix of it all! This week I'm feeling need of a respite too. I hope for that next week... LOL!