Thursday, December 21, 2017

Crave the Light

 Happy Solstice, dear friends!
 I must say, I crave the light;
so very glad when we start seeing longer light days.
With winter just now beginning, It will be awhile.
 In the meantime, the lights of Christmas satisfy my soul.
 I could sit in darkness surrounded by these lights
for a very long time.
More candles will be burned throughout the winter.
A string of Christmas lights will be left out somewhere in the house.
Do you crave the light?

And Back to Dark

First, by an unseen hand
We are given
A push on the swing
That hangs from Heaven.

A mighty shove-
We seem to drift
Though in truth the descent
Is swift-is swift-

To drift till our feet
But graze the ground
Then we are off
On the up rebound.

Till we have traversed
The shining arc- 
That leads from the dark
And back to dark.

~ Kitchen Sonnets by Ethel Romig Fuller

Not sure if this poem is encouraging or not,
but I picture a sliver of a moon tonight
while we sit and pause in the darkness at the
tip of the sliver. Soon the days will lengthen
and the moon will fill with light.
We will return to the fullness of it's light
and delight and dance once more.
In the meantime, light candles and hang
those twinkling lights.
Sit by the fire sipping a warm cup of cheer.


long burning candles said...

nice article.thanks for sharing it.

Tracy said...

LOVING the light and magical glow here, Marilyn!! With a lot of grey days often here of late, light--sunlight especially--feels extra precious. The long winter stretches out before us, and spring with its warmth seems far off... Thank goodness for Christmas now! Wishing you & yours a Blessed & Beautiful Christmas and all the VERY BEST in 2018! Thank you for sharing another year of your life here with us... :)))

Jeanie said...

Oh yes, I too crave the light. This post is so beautiful -- as Tracy said, a magical glow. But I have a feeling you know how to bring the glow to the dark of spirit and of light. Just a hunch. Merriest.

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, I love the light. And I totally related when you said you could sit in darkness surrounded by these Christmas lights for a very long time. Me too! I look forward to seeing your lights, your candles, and sharing your tea time in the new year, Marilyn.