Friday, December 8, 2017

Spinning - Colors of Love

 When I first moved to Oregon in 1975 I needed to find
a place for my creative spirit to soar.
This little historic school house in Damascus, Oregon
pulled at my heart strings.
I would pick up my spinning wheel once a week and
venture out to the country to sit by the wood stove on
a large round braided rug to spin the day away.
I loved it out there, but then life takes different twists
and turns; soon my children were old enough for me
to return to school and find a career.
 The spinning wheel became a decorative piece in the living room.
It sat idle for 40 years while I raised my two children,
got a degree in apparel design, and worked.
 Now with retirement and other life goals accomplished
I am returning to that creative spirit.
This spinning wheel was made just for me by a metal patternmaker
in Kansas many years ago.
It was made from aged cherry wood and I love it.
Though I just spun with no plan for the yarn, I just love the colors
all gathered together in this yarn.
I find my spinning wheel needs some tender loving care and repair,
but I can't believe I am spinning again.
Do you have something you had to give up
and your hearts desire is to resume?
Notice what you notice in your hearts desires.

Happy weekend, dear friends!


Rosemary said...

What a fun craft to begin again! Never knew you were into spinning!

Red Rose Alley said...

What wonderful memories of your spinning wheel, Marilyn. And how charming that it became a piece in your living room for years. I used to take a pottery class, and I often think about taking one again. I made a few Christmas plates and ceramic bowls back in the day, and I still have the Christmas plate today. : )


Tracy said...

What a sweet school house!! And how wonderful all the spinning!! This is sooo exciting, Marilyn! Your wheel is BEAUTIFUL...cherry wood... *swoon*... And your yarn is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see where these new adventures take you!! I think fiber must been in your blood a little--what with previous spinning experience, and then going into apparel--clothing = fiber. ;) I've been playing with yarn for a long time in knitting and crochet. I've always wanted to dye and spin my own yarn--both on my "someday" list! :))) I've been focusing more on crochet in recent years, having cracked that code. Lately I gifted several skeins of a lavender-blue yarn that seem to want to be something large, like a sweater maybe... so I'm considering taking up sticks again and knitting! Happy Spinning!! ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

I tried spinning once and had no aptitude for it but I certainly do appreciate it all. What a gorgeous wheel and I'm so impressed with your yarn. I don't know where you find the time but it's such a worthwhile art/craft and hobby!