Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Meaning of Christmas

Each year at Christmas I enjoy searching out a book that centers
around the season.
This year I recently finished reading 
An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor.
The Christmas pageant by the children of the village just made me smile.
Young Colin was not happy that he didn't get the role of Joseph,
but instead was given the role of the innkeeper.
Mary and Joseph went to the inn to ask for a room for the night.
Yes, you know the story, I am sure.
Joseph asked, "Could we have a bed for the night? My wife's
having a baby, and she's very tired."
"Colin's voice was soft, welcoming. "Well, Mary"-he emphasized
the word "Mary"-"I've no room at the inn, but of course you are
welcome to go into the stable."
"Of course you can, Mary." Colin said. Then he turned to Joseph and
yelled, "But as far as I'm concerned, Joseph, you dirty wee
gurrier, you miserable little gobshite, you can just feck off."

Can you just image the local Christmas pageant going awry!
Maybe a bit sacrilegious, but so typical at times when
you are hoping for the best.

My grandson was given the role of the donkey two years ago. 
He refused to get up in front with the other kids
because he didn't want to be the donkey.

But in this time of celebration, let's remember
why we are celebrating.
Children are a big part of our celebration
no matter what, they can bring a smile to our face.

Merry Christmas, dear friends!
I pray your time of celebrating
with family and friends is extra special
and full of memories to come.


Jeanie said...

That sounds like a book I would just love! Yes, one day I hope to see a Baby Grand in the Christmas pageant. Or his little brother or sister -- coming in July! And I can't wait.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Marilyn, love that top photo. And I used to know someone who brewed her tea right in the kettle, something I've never done!

Tracy said...

Oh, so sweet!!... I've been wanting to read that book, and others by Patrick Taylor... Sadly, there are not a lot of Christmas Pageants here. There are Christmas happenings, but more of the secular variety. So we need reminders of the Reason for the Season! ;) ((HUGS))