Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Crater Lake National Park

Don't you just love the National Parks?
It had been many years since my "live-in gardener" and I traveled
to Crater Lake National Park.
Since we were not too far from there we decided to take a drive
through the trees for a visit here.
The lodge is so beautiful and I could have easily spent many hours
sitting by the fire or out on the veranda looking at the lake.
The rocking chairs were vintage and quite a few were enjoying 
the near 90 degree day.
Amazingly, today it is snowing there.
What a difference a few days make.
The views were amazing from every angle.
Wildflowers too!!!
I do love our National Parks and pray they will be protected from those that care less.
A gorgeous day!!

The water really did look like this.
The blue is caused by the minerals that settle to the bottom of the lake.
Wouldn't you just love a winter scarf in those colors?
Turning to look away from the lake, a hard thing to do, it was just as spectacular.
I was mesmerized by each turn of my head.
At times I just had to lay down the camera and savor the sights.
What a special, unexpected adventure to this majestic park in Southern Oregon.
What parks have you visited?
Each one is so very special!


Jeanie said...

Your photos are fabulous! What a wonderful getaway. I don't think I would have left the lodge! It -- and its view -- are both so beautiful. Four star. I never heard of this park but now I think I would add it to an itinerary if I was in the area. Especially at this time of year!

mamasmercantile said...

A joy to visit your blog today and admire such spectacular views. A place that I will probably never visit so a delight to be able to see them through your eyes. Thank you for sharing.

a rich tapestry said...

That is a beautiful place for a getaway. The views from the lodge are spectacular. I would want to sit in one of those vintage rocking chairs, just relax and take in the scenery. Nature is amazing and it's incredible to think how these deep volcanic craters eventually filled up with water. The only one I know well is Lago Albano in the Alban Hills near Rome and have fond memories of visits there. I too care for our National Parks and trust we continue to look after them responsibly.