Friday, November 29, 2019

Let the Festivities Begin!

Here we are again at my favorite antique mall's Christmas event.
It actually was two weeks ago, but I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to share with you.
What fun to take my camera and snap away.
Each year I watch for trends in decorating.
This year I think it just was "sparkle".
There was "sparkle" and delights everywhere,
but not many antiques.
Sad for that, as I love a bit more antiques in the mixture.
I did notice lamps, which led me to believe we are needing light this year.
I don't have many in pictures because I was almost through the show
when I realized there were a lot of lights and lamps.
Again this year there were many created snowy scenes
to delight the child in me.
But I also just love the simple touches
with sprigs of evergreen here and there.
When I go walking in my neighborhood now
I take along a shopping bag and collect sprigs of branches
on the ground, with pine cones, and seed pods too.
But the sparkle and traditional beaded ropes and glass balls abound.

Even Santa made an appearance hear and there.
A few more greens and a few antiques too.

Love the pony, but I think my house is too small for it.

So let's get our holiday spirit on and on with the decorating and delights of the season!
A bit of red always does the trick.
It makes the heart go pitter patter and smile.
Merry Christmas season!
Let the festivities begin!


Jeanie said...

I am one hundred percent enchanted! The bottlebrush trees in the bird cage just gave me a wonderful idea on how I can use the rest of my bottlebrushes not already placed! So many pretty things. Love those little feather trees, too. I'm such a sucker for trees!

Linda Jennings said...

Amazing and beautiful photography! This post sets the mood for the season!

Tracy said...

Wooohooo... MAGICAL! Sooo much fun... I look forward to these pre-Christmas posts, Marilyn, and especially when you take us to this great antiques mall! :) ((HUGS))