Friday, April 9, 2021

tea-a collection of three

My front porch doesn't usually have teacups sitting on the bench.

The bench usually has pinecones and rocks collected in my pocket when I walk or if I am lucky the mailman/woman has left a package there just for me. Well it does happen occasionally.

But today I am sharing my collection of only three teacups with saucers. After all, a collection is when you have three or more. When you look closer you can see something strange about these cups.

What is missing?

Yes! they don't have handles!
I haven't found many teacups made in England without handles; so
I decided they were worth collecting.

The reason they don't have handles is because when England really got into tea
in the late 1700's and 1800's all they knew was what came from Asia and teacups in Asia
didn't have handles. So when they began making teacups in the 1800's they didn't add handles.
With more than a few burned fingers they decided it might be wise to add a handle, thus
inventing the cups you know today.

I think they are really pretty and I love having my collection of three.
Most often I just admire them because they are so old, but there have been
a few times I have sipped tea from them. It is getting to feel a bit of history in my hands.

Table of Your Life

At the table of your life
Make room for tea,
And make room for me,
And make room for friends and family
And we will make room for thee.
~by Earlene Grey (aka Susan Patterson)
Come for tea with me
and if you wish I will serve you in a special cup
of history. 

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Celebrate springtime and maybe have a cup of tea.


Lorrie said...

I would love to sit down to a cup of tea with you, Marilyn. I did once, and enjoyed it very much. Your handle-less teacups are a real treasure. I have a tea set from Japan with small bowls and enjoy using it from time to time.

Thelma said...

What pretty teacups and a history. I never knew that those cups existed in England.
Thanks for sharing.

mamasmercantile said...

They are a beautiful collection, its not very often you come across a cup with no handle these days.

Tracy said...

The cups are GORGEOUS, Marilyn! And I love the set up on the porch. (Maybe you could keep a less favorite cup on the bench sometimes, for fun?!) I find the whole handle vs no handle very interesting. Certainly elegant without the handle, but VERY necessary with handle... so handle it is... haha! ;) It is still pretty cold here, spring slow to really unfold... so we have yet to enjoy our first cuppas outside. Happy Spring days, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

Red Rose Alley said...

These are special old tea cups, Marilyn. There is a bit of history in them, which I like. I haven't seen many teacups without handles either, that's so interesting. You have displayed them nicely with a pretty rose in each one. The black and white one is my favorite, so unique and lovely. : )