Monday, April 12, 2021

Word for the Week


This morning I walked in the woods near a friend's house. She joined me there and we walked and talked for awhile. It was a precious time and I thought of the word "care". The definition of care as a verb is to look after and provide for the needs of another. While thinking on this I kept spotting the sweet flower in the woods and snapped this picture just for you. You had to really pay attention to see them, for they were rather small. As I paid attention my thought was that our creator cared enough for us that even these small flowers were put in our world to bring us joy.

My word for this year is "receive", but I am learning that I need to be open to others that care about me in order to feel the joy that is around me and receive it. It is in these tiny things and noticing that, our world becomes a better place.

Recently Elyse chatted that it is better to give than receive. I said for me it is hard to receive. Giving is much easier. I absolutely love giving and giving care to others touches my heart, but when it comes to receiving I wonder if I am worthy. I wonder if others feel this way too? Or is it just me?

I am not sure where this is going for it seems there are three words all tied together in a bundle: Care, Receive, and Give.

If you have followed me awhile you might remember other chairs I have photographed at the antique mall. Here are some new ones from the mall. I am imagining us sitting in these chairs chatting about these thoughts: How do we show care to others? Is it easier to give than to receive? Do we feel worthy to receive? Have a seat and think on these things.

 Sending caring thoughts your way as you ponder.

Have an amazing week.

Fortune: Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return.


Linda Jennings said...

It is difficult to receive and accept whatever the gift is gracefully, but receiving and saying "thank you" is an important lesson we all need to learn. Thanks for the reminder.

mamasmercantile said...

A beautiful chair to sit and ponder. I am a much better giver than I am receiver but as circumstances change it is amazing how attitudes and opinions change to. I have a lot to learn.

Red Rose Alley said...

I actually got a tear in my eye when I saw that "receive" was your word for the year. And it is because I have received so many gifts since I moved to the mountains, and this wonderful home that surrounds me with nature. It is not hard for me to receive anything, as you should know these are blessings, Marilyn. And I usually shout to the world when I receive them. You share so much goodness on your blog everyday, and my wish is that goodness returns to you. Those chairs are so charming at the antique mall. I have been wanting a comfy chair for my living room.

Have a good week, dear Marilyn.


Jeanie said...

Giving is SO much easier. And more fun. I don't know if I thought that when I was a kid -- maybe it's because I have so much I don't really need anything more. But it is a gift to be able to know how to receive and accept it. You had a wonderful gift presented to you today, not only in that flower but in the friendship with another and a beautiful day. I think you have received them with thought and love.

Lorrie said...

Giving is easier for me, but there are lessons to be learned in receiving with grace and gratitude. Giving puts us in control; receiving means giving that up in some ways. It can be humbling. Good thoughts.