Friday, April 16, 2021

Earth Day is Coming

Earth Day is April 22nd, but every day should be a day to appreciate and care for the earth.

One day this week I ventured to my favorite apple orchard just to appreciate the trees, the earth, the sunshine, and time with a friend. It always sings to my heart to come, to savor the day, and sing a new song in my heart. Looking at several books I have on my shelf I have found a few quotes that speak to our earth and to us.

"We call upon all those who have lived upon this earth to teach us, and show us the Way."        ~Chinook blessing
 "(Our task is to widen) our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and all of nature."  ~Albert Einstein
"We have left no mark on the country itself, but the land had left its mark on us."  ~Sigurd Olson

All life is your own,

All fruits of the earth

Are fruits of your womb

Your union, your dance

Lady and Lord,

We thank you for blessings and abundance.

Join with us, Feast with us, Enjoy with us!

Blessed be.


May we send blessings and care to our earth.

May we walk softly over the grasses in the field.

And may we treat the earth with kindness and love. 

Have an extra special weekend, dear friends!

May we savor each day.

Go for a walk and notice what you notice out there in our world.

*Side note: I have been notified that the email feed to my readers will go away in July. I am hoping to figure out how to update that and will let you know. I would be very sad to lose the 1300 followers on the feed.

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Red Rose Alley said...

A very nice "Earth Day" post, Marilyn. And I really like that quote, "We call upon all those who have lived upon this earth to teach us, and show us the way." I am especially fond of it, as I live in the mountains now, with so many living here before me, and especially the animals in the wild. ; )