Friday, April 3, 2020

White Tea Time - Side by Side

There were several white teas in my tea stash
and since I don't gravitate to white teas I had been avoiding them.
Yesterday I decided to do a side by side tasting of four of them.
Well I hadn't really had a good cup of tea yet that morning
and thought while stuck at home, why not!
I was up for the challenge!

There was Ceylon Gold (Ceylon) from, Arya Pearl White first flush 2019 (Darjeeling region of India) from, Shangri-La White from Miro Tea (Nepal), and Kumaon White (Himalayias, India) from

I always felt in the past all white teas were a bit bland, but tasting them side by side I
could definitely see the differences.  They were all good teas. I realized in tasting each
that it really depends on what your preferences are.
For the same reason that I struggle with green teas being too vegetable, 
I found this influenced me in my tasting of the white teas.
So my comments on each are determined by what I like or don't like.

My least favorite was the Arya Pearl White because it tasted too green and vegetable to me.
Next was the Kumoan White which on the canister said the flavor of cucumber/melon
and I would have to agree. Not so much vegetable, but still more than I prefer.
Third was the Ceylon Gold which was definitely richer even in color. A fuller bodied
white that held up best with consecutive steeps and more floral came out.
My favorite of the four was from Miro Tea. It was not sweet, but a lovely floral note.
This tea came from Nepal and is being developed by a tea friend, Jeni Dodd.
I would buy this one again.

I know many of you are not into tea as much as I am,
but I hope you enjoy my review.
It definitely is a way of learning what your preferences are
whether it is tea, coffee, or wine, even cheese or other food items like maybe chocolate.
Side by side tastings is one way of learning more.
Have fun and hope you take opportunity to do a side by side tasting
with something you particularly love.

Happy Friday, dear friends!
Have a terrific weekend of staying in place.
Enjoy comforts with JOY!


Rosemary said...

This was a great to determine if and/or which white teas you enjoy. What fun! And love all the tea pots/cups you gathered together for your tea tasting today. I have been thinking of doing something similar... since we all have the time now! Stay safe! Be healthy! Keep drinking that tea!

Lorrie said...

You really are a wonderful connoisseur of tea, and write so well about it. I never thought of green tea as having a "vegetable" taste, but that's exactly it - sort of like bitter leafy greens - and I don't care for it!

Have a good weekend!

mamasmercantile said...

What fun. I am not very adventurous with tea and tend to stick to what I know I like but never say never. Take care.

Jeanie said...

What I love is that you took something you weren't so fond of and tried again. And found that there were some benefits after all. Sometimes we have to go back to things we didn't like -- I've thought about a post on rediscovered foods -- and find they're not so bad, maybe even wonderful, after all! Well done!