Monday, February 15, 2021

A Word for the Week



definition (noun) from M. Webster: admiration, amazement, astonishment, wonder, wonderment.

The majesty of a tree, nature, and a tiny newborn.

When I think of the word "awe" I do thinking nature, the natural life around me and you.

This snowy picture is my world right now, though it is melting quickly after turning to ice.
Water in nature delights my heart truly and most thoroughly. This is the Pacific Ocean, but a river, waterfall, or lake makes my heart sing too.
Is "awe" something that makes our heart sing?
The word just causes me to pause and pay attention.
What causes you to stop and pay attention these days?


Jeanie said...

Every image so perfectly fits your post! I love this. It's a wonderful word.

Tracy said...

AWE...all you images speak of just that, Marilyn... the awe-someness of nature! Nature really helps me stop and take in the moment, and need that more and more--especially in these crazy times! ((HUGS))

Red Rose Alley said...

"Awe" is a good word, and I am in awe of the hummingbird. My neighbor has a feeder on her porch area, and I saw one the other day. I was in awe. Your photos are so pretty. You take the most lovely ocean pictures. And your snowy steps, that would make me smile if I saw that. My car was covered in snow, and although I felt for my poor car, it was incredible to look at. Enjoy the snow while it lasts, Marilyn. I hear we are going to get another snowfall soon. : )


Lorrie said...

Awe is what I feel when I'm in the natural world. It's full of such amazing sights, sounds, and smells. I'm also full of awe when I'm with my grandchildren - the little 2 1/2 month old is cooing and smiling and delights me so much.
Snow is melting here, too, although it froze last night and everything was very crunchy this morning.

Linda P said...

The natural world is full of wonders that create a feeling of awe when we encounter them. Examples I can think of are high mountain ranges, an ancient oak tree in a forest that has been there for hundreds of years. Then there are the huge standing stones that have been placed in remote places by ancient civilisations and beautiful cathedrals that were built using engineering techniques that amaze us because of the ingenuity and craftsmanship involved. It's an awesome world we live in Marilyn.

Mary said...

This is a time in our lives where being 'awestruck' by something of beauty is always a thrill. I'm finding Nature brings me most of my moments of awe - and they are usually right outside my windows!

Your little bird is a beauty - is it a hummingbird?
My squirrel is back this morning - he comes so often now and could probably be easily trained but of course I'm not going to do that!

Laura Morrigan said...

Beautiful pictures! Nature is always filling me with awe!