Friday, February 26, 2021


 Well the month of February is almost over, so thought I must post a Valentine teatime.

The first time I saw a chocolate medallion was when visiting a chocolate shop in Paris.
For Valentine's Day this year I decided to replicate the medallion for a tea time treat.
They are actually quite easy and a fun thing to do.
I bought a chocolate bar at the market and melted it in the microwave.
On the parchment paper I traced circles where I spread the melted chocolate.
Then searching through my cupboards I found some almonds, cashews, dried fruit and
then sprinkled dried marigold petals from our garden on top.
I think they turned out rather pretty after a cooling in the refrigerator.
Shortbread cookies and chocolate mini-cupcakes happened to be in the freezer;
so thawing them out it was a buffet of Valentine sweets to celebrate the day of love.
And then it was teatime!

Have you ever tried replicating something your have seen in a bakery, chocolate shop,
or restaurant? How did it go? Do you keep sweet treats in the freezer for a special teatime treat?

Tea time is my favorite time to try for something pretty with sweets.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Hope you have the opportunity to add a special sweet to your teatime.


Jeanie said...

Those are so pretty, Marilyn, and I bet they taste delicious! What a wonderful tea you had. It's all so pretty. I've replicated some things -- with a mix of success!

Red Rose Alley said...

Wow, your chocolate medallions look Yummy, Marilyn. And you first saw them in a shop in Paris, that's so cool. I remember the girls telling me that they loved the food in Paris, and all the shops too. Those mini cupcakes look scrumptious too. I love your tea time posts, Marilyn. And that tea cup is pretty with the soft colors.

Have a restful weekend.


Linda P said...

Your chocolate medallions look pretty. Recreating food that we've eaten on our travels is fun. Adding the edible petals from the garden made your tea time treat special. My family enjoy my home made cakes and often we share recipes.

mamasmercantile said...

I always have scones and a sponge cake in the freezer. Your tea treats look very special, yummy!

Mary said...

Pretty and so delicious - and no calories, right Marilyn!!!
Yes, I usually have something tucked away in the freezer for teatime - lately it's been eating up the leftovers from Christmas, but now spring is almost here it will be more baking pistachio muffins and lemon drizzle cake - the colors are always so pretty for spring. I bought a pack of very cute Easter picks to stick in the muffins to make then extra pretty.(A future blog post for sure!!!)

Mary x

Tracy said...

Sooo many lovely sweet ideas! And love the simplicity of those chocolate medallions! We, too, are finishing up some Christmas leftovers that were in the freeze... less temptations, the better sometimes. ;) ((HUGS))