Friday, February 5, 2021

Held Within

“The key to understanding if something is truly precious is to ask if we can hold it, for things truly precious cannot be held.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough 
Though they cannot be held within I look around my house to see what holds things within?
Jars with marmalade are a favorite, even those red checked lids you find in the market today.
I use jars often to store things in the refrigerator or on the shelf.

In my kitchen, above the window, are tea tins I just couldn't part with.  They have held precious tea, but now I just enjoy the beauty of the tin.

Some of them have memories attached. The Assam tea box was given on one of the first tea expo's I attended in Las Vegas now quite a few years ago. The yellow and white tins were filled with tea from Paris, carried home in my suitcase. The tin on the far left is from Tasha Tudor and reminds me of the time I put together a themed tea with recipes from Tasha Tudor.
Baskets hold things too.
This Longaberger basket holds excess tea.
The canisters hold more tea in one and plastic bags in another.
The black tin also holds tea.
Both the tea and the canisters were gifts from my daughter.
The most precious gift from my daughter and the one that holds 
so much love and energy is my grandson, my one and only grandchild.
He is more precious to me than a tin full of tea.
He makes me smile and feel loved with his hugs and his words.

 May your days be precious and filled with love.
Happy Weekend, dear friends!


Red Rose Alley said...

What a wonderful collection of tins you have, Marilyn. I like the ones from Paris. And the three canisters with the pink lids are cool. They look vintage to me. That is a treasured picture of your grandson. Being a grandma, I know how much that little one means to you.

Have a peaceful weekend enjoying your favorite tea. I'm sipping on Chamomile right now. ; )


Jeanie said...

You're right -- that is your most precious gift. But the tea tins and all are pretty darned nice, too! Vintage is really the best!

mamasmercantile said...

You are so right the gift of a Grand child is amazing. I have been blessed with 6 and their love never ceases to amaze and uplift. Beautiful tea tin collection.

Laura Morrigan said...

Lovely to reflect on such things