Monday, February 22, 2021

A Word for the Week


                                       My garden house a week ago. Pretty wrapped in snow.


Ice on branches in the garden. Again pretty in a wintery way.

But color calls to my heart.

Color delights me. 

Much as I try loving neutrals

Color is the song most heard. 

The rhododendrons were found at a park near my house right before our snow storm.
The tulips were found at the market.

Does color sing to your heart?
Do you notice when it is nearby?

My heart is full with anticipation of springtime!
I am dreaming and making plans.
How about you?


Jeanie said...

Oh, I hope the rhododendrons make it through the snow. They are SO gorgeous!

Red Rose Alley said...

I have to have color in my life, Marilyn, so this is a special word for me. When I see homes that are adorned with neutral colors, I get an uneasy feeling. Color adds a little spice to our lives. Your pink rhododendrons are so pretty. And I love your snow! What beautiful snow pictures.

Have a really nice week, Marilyn.


Linda P said...

It's good to see some colour in our surroundings. The rhododendron is pretty and certainly the flower heads give a pop of colour in the Winter garden. The blue irises are coloured jewels as they shelter under the shrubs in our garden It's amazing how many different shades of green there are in nature. I find green a calming colour. I can imagine the golden yellow of your daffodils. I'm happy they've perked up after getting blown about by the recent storm.

Catherine said...

Rhododendrons will blooming very soon! I have three of them. But I love peonies .

Lorrie said...

I sometimes start to decorate or dress with just neutrals, but a pop of colour finds its way into almost everything I do. Nature gives us so many shades of different colours that delight our eyes. The tulips are a wonderful sign that spring is near, as are the rhodos.

Mary said...

Beautiful photos Marilyn - I've been enjoying pink flowers lately. Love the snow pix.
Mary x