Monday, April 26, 2021

Word for the Week

noun: cosy; plural noun: cosies; noun: cozy; plural noun: cozies 
a soft covering to keep a teapot, boiled egg, etc., hot. 
"a photograph of Smith pouring tea from a pot with a knitted cozy" 
a soft decorative cover for an object. 

give (someone) a feeling of comfort or complacency.
"she cozied him, pretending to find him irresistibly attractive"

To me cozy is holding a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other, sitting by a fire or wrapped in a soft blanket, or sitting in a beautiful quiet place visiting with a friend over a cup of tea.

Above is a breakfast set and it says cozy because I can imagine toast and tea in the mornings while wearing a warm fluffy robe.

A secret garden says cozy because I can imagine a quiet, peaceful place with the scent of freshly blooming flowers.

This bottom picture is a tea cozy, well you knew I had to include that.
The sewing pattern for this cozy is my #1 selling item on etsy.
It does keep my tea warm in the pot for quite awhile, it is cozy.

What says cozy to you?
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Lorrie said...

Many of the same things you've mentioned say cozy to me. I feel especially cozy if it's raining or snowing outside and I'm inside by a fire with a good book and a cup of tea or hot chocolate. I'm pleased to be the recipient of one of your lovely tea cozies!

Red Rose Alley said...

I love the word COZY, Marilyn. What says cozy to me is a warm house away from the crowds, a cup of hot coffee, a scrumptious dessert, and a good movie. That picture of the secret garden is so pretty. And I love your breakfast set. It reminds me of an antique. The colors are really nice.

Have a cozy evening, Marilyn.


Jeanie said...

Cozy is one of my favorite words. In fact, Lizzie full name -- Elizabeth Cosette -- often gets shortened to Cosi Girl. (Among other things!) All your examples of cozy are simply spot on! For me, it's a good book, a cat and (in season) a fire in the fireplace!