Saturday, May 8, 2021

An Adventure during the Pandemic

 Since my "live-in gardener", my sister-in-law, and myself have all gotten vaccinated, my husband and I decided to visit her for a few days. How amazing to get out and travel, even if it was just for 4 days and a 4 hour drive from our door to hers. There were hugs, good food, and beautiful surroundings. Be aware, there are many pictures shared here today and even more may pop up on another day. New surroundings couldn't resist the camera!

 For as many times we have been to this town we had never walked all the way around this house. The backside to the street, the front side was actually facing the bay and so beautiful.

On the way there we stopped at Fort Gamble, Washington to stretch our legs a bit. I couldn't resist including those little white flowers that pop up in so many lawns.

The next day we enjoyed a drive, lunch, and walk on a beach I particularly enjoy in Port Townsend, Washington. I must say here, we had not been in a restaurant since the pandemic started and that took a bit of courage just to walk through the door with masks on.

One of the restaurants had this bear with mask to remind people to mask up.

 On the final day the goal was to hike to these Sol Duc Falls and we were not disappointed. The power of the water and the sound were just amazing. All I can say is the hike was worth it.

If you have never visited the Olympic National Park, it is worth the drive too.

 On the way back to my sister-in-laws home we stopped by Crescent Lake because there was something I needed to see and snap pictures.

 It was this very spot I needed to see with my camera's eye. For you see once upon a time when I bought my first "big girl" camera a friend asked me "what will you take pictures of with that camera?" I said, "I will take pictures of Adirondack chairs by water." I knew there were these chairs sitting right there waiting for me. So with teacup in hand there were pictures to take before coming home.

But I think the thing I enjoyed the most was just being surrounded by forest and trees. All the shades of greens in the spring trees are just beautiful.


Catherine said...

It looks beautiful. It is nice to be able to go out again. We went to the sea for the first time since the pandemic yesterday! So nice.

Jeanie said...

"I will take pictures of Adirondack chairs by water." That is SO perfect. (Even more perfect with you in one!

It sounds like the best break for you both -- a break away from pandemic times and to see someone long and sorely missed. What beautiful territory -- and you got to see the trees in bloom and the water, too. I'm so glad you were able to go, Marilyn. This is indeed a tonic for the past year and more!

Lorrie said...

What a lovely getaway. Did you wave at our city across the water? Port Townsend is a fun place to visit. So glad you were able to go. We're all looking forward to more travel soon, I think.