Monday, May 10, 2021

Word for the Week

 One definition of the word for the week this week is: (of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated. Can you guess the word? It is WILD.

When I think of "wild" I do think of wild animals and wild flowers; but I also think of things like "wild child". What does the word mean to me? It means walking through a field or down a hidden path and spotting maybe just one small flower growing where it has chosen to grow. It was not planted by humans, but maybe a bird dropped a seed right there or it just decided it was time to shine.

I often saw these orange plants while growing up California and I not so sure they are wild, but they did shine for me in the wild grasses along the shore last week. They remind me of my mother, she liked them.
Do you have skunk cabbage in your part of the world? I think they got their name from the fragrance they send out. Skunk cabbage was blooming along the road in wild abandonment.
With the moss on the trees in the forest I felt like I was in a wild place far away from civilization.
And then if I looked more closely there were fiddle heads just springing up from the ground. I think they are suppose to be good to eat. Have you ever eaten fiddle heads?
Trillium's are a favorite too. I love when I find them in the wild, even though there is a small clump that grows in my garden. Certainly they have chosen to shine in the woods.

I am not sure what these sweet yellow flowers are, but they look like violets to me. Do you know what they are called?  My plant id says Redwood violet.

There were times as a child when I loved to adventure through the woods, I was a bit of a wild child. I loved nature and still love being outdoors enjoying the day.

Now I hope you go on your own adventure to find the wild around you. Take note of where you are planted. Have a great week.


Linda P said...

I love all flowers, but wherever I go I look for the wild flowers in their natural habitat. It's something that I've always done since I was a child. Trees are interesting too. My favourite environment is woodland, but I also like moorland especially when the heather is in bloom. In your wild woods there are interesting plants and flowers that, as far as I know, do not grow in the north of England.

Jeanie said...

Trillium is one of my favorites. And fiddleheads, too, though I've never eaten them! It does look a bit wild -- and wonderful.

Red Rose Alley said...

I love your word for this week, Marilyn, because I now live in the wild. My little house is nestled in a neighborhood, but the homes are far apart, and all around is the wilderness. It suits me living up here. That's wonderful that you loved to walk through the woods, even as a child. It's always a pleasure to see what your word is for each week.


Lorrie said...

Wild child can mean many things, and I like your meaning most of all! I so enjoy watching our grandchildren explore the natural world. And I love exploring it, too, looking, as you do, for the small details that make up the beautiful whole.

Joy B said...

I enjoyed seeing all your "wild" pictures but the little yellow violets pulled at my heartstrings. They are hard to find around here and are very special to me. Thanks for bringing back happy memories with that photo!