Thursday, July 22, 2021

Family Adventure, A Dream Come True

 This was a family adventure I had dreamed of doing for several years. For me, it was a dream come true. Upon arriving at my favorite cousin's home in California last week the first sight was her beautiful hydrangeas. Be aware, there are quite a few pictures, especially in water.

But that wasn't the goal for the trip. My goal was to introduce my grandson to cousins in California. I told him once he learned to swim I would take him to California to meet them. So my daughter, my grandson, and I flew off to California last Wednesday to finally make this happen. I was thrilled.

As soon as D saw my cousin's pool he was in his suit and in the water.

Summer's for kids should be about playing outdoors. That is exactly what happened. He met his two cousins, they played in the pool, did chalk drawings on the driveway, played in the pool some more, swam with their dog, had a water balloon fight, ate amazing food, and once again played in the water.

And he got braver each day. He was so proud of himself for jumping off the board and swimming the length of the pool.

I loved seeing citrus growing in the garden. It wasn't the time for ripe fruit, but they were still beautiful.

My cousin and I sitting by the pool, under the umbrella just enjoying time together. Don't tell her I posted her picture here. Smiling!

Cousins are forever! So glad D and cousins finally connected.

But there was something else to come. D was invited to another cousin's birthday party here in Oregon.
We returned from California on Saturday and Sunday he and I ventured out to play just a little more. This wasn't on my radar until right before we left for California, but I was so happy he could have this connection too. The boys played, had a water balloon toss, and yes! a pinata full of candy.
I got to see my farmer cousin that grows blueberries and mini-kiwi. Here he is checking out a newly planted kiwi acre. It was great to walk with him here.

Did I tell you I have a lot of cousins? There were 26 of us. I am the second oldest, so I babysat my younger cousins occasionally. Plus cousins make the best playmates when growing up.
I wanted my D to have these experiences and so it was a dream come true.
I just loved seeing the roses growing by the farm shed; so will leave you with that image.
Happy Summertime, dear friends!
Go out and enjoy each day with play!
PS - come back on Saturday as there will be one extra post for this week. Join me for a Mad Hatter Tea Party, hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist.


Lorrie said...

Cousins are wonderful companions. How great for your grandson to meet them and spend time with them. Having a pool would be so refreshing these days. I have 56 first cousins and have many treasured memories of times spent with them. I would hate to lose the connections I have with them.

Jeanie said...

That's a lot of cousins! I know how much mine mean to me, especially the family where we are all quite close in age and more or less grew up together in the summers. So, I'm thrilled D can have these experiences with mew cousins --and along the way have new friends in them as well.

mamasmercantile said...

So many cousins. I am so glad your Grandson was able to experience so much fun with them. It was quite the adventure.

R's Rue said...

Looks like so much fun. Blessings.

Rosemary said...

Family connections! Ever so important. Keep making those dreams happen!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a fun time spent with family, Marilyn. So glad you got to see them and spend wonderful moments together. The pinata made me smile, as my Mom would have one all ready for the kids on special holidays. They will always remember that. Her back yard looks so nice and groomed, and what a great picture of your grandson jumping in the pool! I love those fuscia colored flowers, beautiful.