Monday, July 19, 2021

Word for the Week

 Not to long ago I was thinking I needed to have more self-care for myself. It is something I don't always do very well. During that time I realized I hadn't drawn a new card from my box of Listen for Joy cards; so I pulled one out and it said "Self-Compassion". Whew! I needed that. It was such a reminder that I needed to pay attention to the struggling, injured, or grieving part of me. I needed to be gentle with myself, plus a bit generous too.

Now the pictures may not indicate "self-care" to you, but for me they do exactly that. I love the outdoors and yesterday I had the opportunity to walk around my nieces/cousins farm with my camera. Looking with my camera is a bit of self-care for me, just noticing the little things.

Did you notice I wasn't here to post last Friday? I was on another "self-care" adventure. I had dreamed for several years of taking my grandson to California to meet some cousins. It was a dream come true  to finally do a three day adventure, plus sit with my favorite cousin and catch up with our chats. It was indeed "self-care" to the fullest.

“I found in my research that the biggest reason people aren't more self-compassionate is that they are afraid they’ll become self-indulgent. They believe self-criticism is what keeps them in line. Most people have gotten it wrong because our culture says being hard on yourself is the way to be.”
Kristen Neff

 So true! Do you criticize yourself often?
I know sometimes I don't trust myself to know and do the right thing.

Let's open the door widely! Care for ourselves most generously. Be forgiving of ourselves when we make a mistake. And above all else, just love ourselves.

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”

Focus on self-care this week and take good care of yourself. Now I am off to get a massage.      If that isn't self-care I don't know what is.


Jeanie said...

I believe we are always our own worst critics. And yes, self-care is essential and sometimes we don't realize till it's too late, so this is a fine reminder to us all. I can't wait to hear about your trip to the Cousins!

mamasmercantile said...

Self care is very important and yet one of the first things we seem to let go. Thank you for the reminder of the importance of self care and try to be more focused on looking after my well being.

Red Rose Alley said...

Self care is such an important thing to do for ourselves. Me time is essential, and it helps us to become refreshed again so we can start
the day with peace. Your photos are pretty, Marilyn, and I love those
red flowers with the hummingbird hovering over them.

Have a beautiful week taking some time out just for yourself. : )


Lorrie said...

Self-care and self-love are so important for all of us to be able to give love to others. So glad you were able to go on the trip with your grandson.