Monday, July 5, 2021

Word for the Week

 Kindness:the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

"he thanked them for their kindness and support"
Pittock Mansion
Often during the past few years I have thought what the world needs is more kindness. That is often on my mind as I walk through my everyday life. With that on my mind recently I had a dream. In the dream there were many people and much color. I don't remember exactly what was happening or the story, but the word "kindness" kept floating through the story. It was like kindness smoothed out the rough edges of what could be turmoil.
Mount Hood and Portland, the view from a bench.
The view behind the bench while sitting under a giant tree.

Waking up the word took on an ever larger presence as I focused on the color around me. I thought of the different colors of people's skin, the different colors that people choose to cover themselves, and the colors that people choose to surround themselves. It seemed that throughout the colors there was always kindness. Each person is different and makes choices that delight them. Our kindness is in accepting the varied colors that make life sparkle.

Then one of my friends sent me an email and asked me to join her for a picnic tea. Again I thought of kindness. What a treat to receive kindness from a friend. Now you might be saying, but what do the pictures have to do with kindness?
My friend, Stephanie, of Steph's Cup of Tea, and I met this morning under the big tree right there and shared a cup of tea. It was indeed a special moment of kindness, tea, and a few things to nibble too.

Stephanie had made a lavender tea bread, cucumber slices with sundried tomato spread, cheddar cheese with chutney sandwiches. I added some fruit. Stephanie was drinking a lovely Darjeeling tea and I drank Honey oolong. For my tea loving friends, they know I love having a picnic teatime; so this was truly a touch of kindness and much appreciated.
What kindnesses have you received recently?
Did they delight your soul?
Wouldn't the world be a better place with more touches of kindness?


Red Rose Alley said...

Kindness is a good and true word, Marilyn. So nice to get together with your friend for a cup of tea and a few goodies. The sundried tomato spread sounds Yummy. I love sundried tomatoes. These are sweet photos of you and your friend, and how wonderful that you get to spend time with a blog friend. I've only met one in person, and she owned a vintage shop in the town where I used to live, and I would sometimes to in there and shop. Yes, a little more kindness going around would make all the difference in the world.

Happy July days to you, Marilyn.


Laura said...

that looks wonderful. i'm so happy you were able to spend time with your friend. the world would indeed be so much better if people were kinder to one another.

love & blessings

Sandi Magle said...

How simply lovely, and I'm totally with you on kindness, from letting someone ahead in packed traffic, or reaching an item in the grocery store for someone shorter. Let that person with two items go before your packed basket in the grocery line, smile at someone who is having a hard time walking in the heat. Water someone's flowers on vacation---it's the little things, that would help this sad world so much! Thanks, Sandi

Linda P said...

How happy you must have been to have shared a picnic tea with your blog friend and in such lovely surroundings too! I agree that we need more kindness in our dealings with others. Thoughtful words and little acts of kindness enrich our lives and contribute to our wellbeing.

Jeanie said...

What a wonderful dream and friend -- and the tea looks divine. You are indeed one of the kindnest. You live it and practice what you preach and I love that about you!

Mary said...

You are so special and have lovely friends dear Marilyn. Tea is a huge part of your life I know - and you always make your tea times fun to read about.