Monday, January 10, 2022

A Gift for You - A Flower and a Poem

 Often early in the morning I walk in my garden. I am searching for what is beautiful or what is new. This week on a frosty morning I found a snowdrop blooming. I was so excited because I just planted a couple bulbs about two years ago and this was my first sighting. Do you get excited when you discover something new growing, especially when you least expect it? This snow drop reminds me of a ballerina twirling and dancing in my garden. I am in love.


frosty winter morn

anticipates spring to come

my snowdrop appears 


A haiku written just for you!


Happy Monday, dear friends!

Have a great week.


Red Rose Alley said...

A single snowdrop, how beautiful, Marilyn. And I think it bloomed just for you since you are doing these new series of posts this year - a flower and a poem. I like your poem also. The snowdrop is such a delicate flower, and it is a perfect flower for all the snow that some us are getting right now this Winter. : )


Jeanie said...

I can't imagine finding a snowdrop here in January! It's lovely and what a sweet surprise!

Linda P said...

I'm waiting for the first snowdrops to appear in our garden. Thank you for the poem.