Saturday, January 15, 2022

Comfort of Home, a Chair



Recently my friend, Mary, wrote about her comfort of home in her favorite chair. She encouraged her readers to share their chair. Here is my chair. It sits in my office/studio. Most often Joey sits there waiting for me to feed him or taking a nap, but late at night when I can't sleep you can find me here reading.

I found this chair at an estate sale about 40 years ago. It needed to be reupholstered, as the horsehair brown upholstery was quite worn. I paid $35. for it. It was so comfortable to sit in, but the bottom of the seat was also falling to the ground. For many years it sat in our garage waiting, but neglected. My daughter took it to her little home full of cats and they totally destroyed it. Sadly I put it out to sell at a garage sale, but of course no one wanted it. Back in the garage it went. Then about 7 years ago I said either we take it to the dump or have it upholstered and rebuilt. I found someone that could give it the love it needed. He said it was over 100 years old. Now it sits in a place of honor where I can enjoy the comfort of this old chair and love it as it deserves to be loved.

This is my chair of comfort, a "comfort of home". Joey and I both love it.

I loved it all along, that is why I couldn't release it.

Do you have a chair you love, a chair that is your "comfort of home"?

You can find Mary at

Happy weekend, dear friends! 

I will be away from my computer next Monday, but I will return soon. Take care!


Lorrie said...

I read Mary's post and thought it such a great idea. I'm glad you posted about your chair. We are in the process of getting an old chair re-done, too.

Ginger said...

Your chair looks very comfortable. My favorite chair is a rocking chair I bought when I was pregnant with my firstborn.

Jeanie said...

This chair is beautiful, Marilyn. It has a wonderful shape and looks so comfortable -- the kind you can curl up in with Joey and/or a book. I'm glad you took the step to have it "rebuilt" so it can be a beautiful part of your home.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a beautiful and cozy looking chair! SO nice that you were finally able to make it happen. Pretty little corner that it's in too!

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm so glad you kept your chair, Marilyn. It needed a lot of work and a little love, but it's comfy and cozy now that it's fixed and reupholstered. It looks really nice, and I love the cream color you chose. I can see myself falling asleep there just watching tv or resting. My house is very small, so I don't have a special chair, but I've been wanting to get one. We all need those little comforts of home. : )

Have a good week ahead, Marilyn.


Mary said...

It's certainly a beauty, I love its wide arms giving a look of "welcome, come sit down in comfort' feeling. So glad you eventually had this chair rebuilt - nothing made today would even come close!

Enjoy your time today dear friend.
Mary x

Laura Morrigan said...

I'm glad the chair got a new life!