Thursday, September 15, 2022

Assam Heritage Tea - Tea from India

Today's post is a review of three Assam, Indian teas. I am reminded, as I mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth that her "go to" teas each day were all from India. Her favorites were an Assam, Darjeeling, and Earl Grey teas. They were all brewed in a fine china teapot and served in a pretty teacup. England has quite a tea history with India in the help of developing the tea industry. They secretly took plants from China and transported them to India to help with the tea growth there. About that time they did find an assamica variety, which has a larger leaf, growing wild in the Assam district and that was also cultivated.

  Recently Assam Heritage Tea sent me three special 2022 teas to taste. They are always so generous to share with me to review or just to taste. Normally I don't drink Assam because I find most of them quite astringent and too strong for my liking. But Heritage Tea company works hard to develop extraordinary, special teas that just delight me. Rajen and June Barauh's love of fine teas just shines in the teas they develop. 

 White tea in a cup.


The white tea (2022) had a fresh floral flavor, like walking through a field of wildflowers. A touch of sweetness, but not overpowering. I was surprised I liked it because often (for me) I find white teas a bit weak in flavor.

Black tea in a cup.

Assam STGFOP (June 2022). Most of you might not know that teas are graded and identified sometimes by letters. This particular tea stands for Special Tippy Golden Flower Orange Pekoe. It was very smooth and a bit buttery in flavor. Not at all what I often taste from a black Assam. Yes, it was "Special" and delightful.

Another - Black tea in a cup.

Artisanal Long Leaf (2022). I shared this with my son and we had fun reviewing it. We both agreed it was like walking through a dewy field of tea with a touch of sweet mushroom or through the forest on a cool Autumn day. This was our favorite.

We found no acidity in any of the three teas. I steeped all three at boiling temperature for 4 minutes.

If you would like to find teas from Heritage Tea you can find them at   Look for teas from India and then search out Heritage Tea. You would definitely not be disappointed. 

Happy tea drinking, Happy weekend - dear friends!


Jeanie said...

Celebrating tea is a lovely way to celebrate our Queen. I suspect she has had her share -- probably sticking to a favorite at home but much offered in her travels! These are always so interesting, Marilyn.

Terra said...

These teas sound delightful; I brew loose leaf teas, there is a wider variety available and the plastic-y glue used in tea bags means I no longer use tea bags. Thanks for sharing i bit about tea history in this post.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I have never really been a tea drinker - but after reading your post - I guess I should begin ♥

Red Rose Alley said...

Many years ago, I tried the white tea. It was at a shop at the mall and was quite expensive, but I went back several times to get more. I enjoyed it. Your tea cup with the purple design is so pretty, Marilyn. It's nice that you are enjoying your teas from India.

Have a sweet September week.


Lorrie said...

I'm a boring tea drinker, but I love reading about others' tea adventures.

DUTA said...

I'm not a tea drinker, but anything made in India makes me curious.

Laura Morrigan said...

Hmmm I'll keep an eye out for white tea ☕