Thursday, September 1, 2022

August Was......


August was indeed all the things mentioned. But it also was time with my grandson and time with tea. My D came visiting the other day and as he looked at that picture on my wall he said I probably didn't have that chair anymore and he wouldn't fit it. So I pulled out the chair and we did a little photo shoot. Oh what a difference a few years make!!!

Normally D won't pose for me or let me take his picture; so we both had fun with that little chair. I loved that he wanted to play for awhile and pose in his play. I can't believe it, but D will start the fourth grade next week. I need to savor each moment when I see him, he will be a man before I know it.

And then there was teatime.
I hadn't been to a proper tearoom in a very long time.
It was lovely to have someone else make the food and serve myself and a friend.
Teatime at Wildwood Cottage Tea Room in Newberg, Oregon was a delight; even if I got totally lost trying to find it. Whew! Once I arrived my friend and I just relaxed and enjoyed.

I have done many teas in our gardenhouse this past year. This one took place on a hot day just a couple days after having tea at Wildwood Cottage. Now I think it is time to take a tea break; though I still enjoy my morning tea at my very own dining table.

We are still having HOT days. When I was younger I loved summer days. That said, anymore I just don't care much for HOT days. Secretly I am looking forward to the coolness of Fall/Autumn; but don't tell anyone.
I hope you are having a delightful end of summer and savoring each day.
Happy weekend, dear friends!


Lorrie said...

What a sweet photoshoot with your handsome grandson. I love that he wanted to try out the little chair and posed for you. It's hard to get good photos of those busy grands sometimes!

Jeanie said...

They grow so fast, don't they? It looks like a delightful and memorable day, the kind you'll never forget. And the photos are great! As for the tea, they both look beautiful.

I could use a little hot right now. It's only supposed to get to high 60s today... I'd like 80, please!

Laura Morrigan said...

The teas look lovely! The photos with the tiny chair were great!