Friday, November 11, 2022

San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden

Really I am almost done sharing my adventure to California last month and then it will be on to the holidays which are coming quickly. Hold on to your hats and enjoy!

One of the places I dearly wanted to visit was the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. The first time I ever visited there I was a young girl and my grandmother took me there. I remember scampering over the bridge. Did I scamper this time? Nope! But I loved standing there to remember with a smile.

The Japanese Tea Garden was built in 1894 for the World's Fair. It is the oldest Japanese Garden in the United States.

Next week I will share the Japanese Garden in Portland, which I just visited. They each have their own personality and both beautiful in different ways. The San Francisco garden seems to have more concrete pagoda's.

Both garden's have sculptures of herons.

The red pagoda is quite impressive. Because of it's age it is going through renovation right now, but it was still so special to see.

 A real bird posing just for me.

For an "old lady" with over 100 years behind her, she has been kept quite beautiful. The red structures just shined in beauty.

And of course Buddha was there to greet us.

I always love seeing young children enjoying history. They were so cute in their matching tees.

The teahouse where I paused for awhile over a cup of genmaicha (green tea with barley). It has a very unique flavor and if I am going to drink green tea this is most often how it goes.

And yes, once upon a time I had tea here with my grandmother. Then it was tea with an almond cookie and I thought it was quite a treat. 

Of course a Japanese Gardens must have a teahouse with green tea.

Have any of you visited these gardens? If you ever find yourself in San Francisco it is a must for being at the top of the list.

Returning and remembering for me it was a treasure. Memories are made of this.

Now this isn't a Veteran's Day post, but I will send best wishes and a thanks for all those that have served to protect our country.  It has not gone unnoticed. 

Sending love to each and everyone of you today.

Have a blessed weekend, dear friends!



Jeanie said...

Well, I say keep sharing because all your photos and travel adventures delight me. I especially love that arched bridge and the Buddha. Your photos of it all are splendid, Marilyn. I can see why thing was an especially wonderful spot on your itinerary and one enjoyed by you both!

Lorrie said...

I enjoy all your posts about your travels, Marilyn, so keep them coming! The tea garden looks like a beautiful place to spend time, and how lovely to remember tea with your grandmother here. That arched bridge is certainly steep, isn't it?