Friday, November 17, 2023

It's Beginning - Don Your Gay Apparel

"Traditionally, this word was used to indicated that someone is cheery, merry, jolly, or light-hearted. So, when you don your gay apparel, you get dressed in cheery clothes."

So for today, we will "don your gay apparel" and dance through the holiday season.

All the pictures were taken on a recent adventure to my favorite antique mall.

Which outfit will you wear?

Now put your dancing shoes on!

And let the sparkles of the season begin!

Even tiny snow men sparkle and shine.

Snowy trees and pretty, festive plates are worth the celebration.

Do you see me? I love the little bottle brush trees. They take me back to my childhood. And even an empty frame speaks to me of possibilities.

More sparkles for your eyes.

I loved the sparkly butterfly. It probably should have come home with me.

And that's a wrap! Don we gay apparel! Let's go out and celebrate the season with JOY, laughter, dancing and music!

Embrace the sparkle and shine!
Happy weekend, dear friends!


Jeanie said...

What a fabulous place! I can see that it would easily be a favorite and a wonderful subject for your title!

Lorrie said...

How inspiring! I love wearing velvet in winter.