Friday, November 3, 2023

Traveling with Tea

 Recently someone asked how do I travel with tea; so I decided to share here. Actually I have gotten so used to taking tea with me that I sometime forget others might think it is complicated, but I can be ready in a flash with tea in hand and ready for an adventure.

There are many ways to travel with tea.

Grandpa Style: My "live- in gardener found when he traveled in China many just carried a jar with tea leaves in it. Then on the train or plane someone would come around with hot water in a kettle and add it to the jar. That was it, very simple. I have done that with a glass tumbler.

About 10 years ago I joined the WuWo Tea Ceremony group and once a month we meet somewhere, often outdoors, to share tea. Usually I carry my things in a basket, but many just carry their tea things in a backpack.

 For these outdoor teatimes I keep this small table and a folding stool in my car as I no longer like sitting on the ground.

 If I am traveling by car and have the room I sometimes carry a basket for English style tea times, a few small cups and tea, plus small snack.


If I am flying I have an "official" travel set with 4 cups; so I can share or a small set just for one person. I made a padded tote for the single set and actually sell the tote sewing pattern on

The small thermos and individual set packs quite easily.

Here is my set with 4 cups, gaiwan and serving pitcher.

A gaiwan is the lidded cup where the tea steeps, then poured either into a serving pitcher or a cup.

Both travel sets ready to go.

 Having tea with my travel set in the garden of the inn we stayed at in Victoria, BC, recently.

I have three different sizes of thermos's to choose from depending on how much tea I think I might need. Hot water can be found most places. The Keep Calm is my smallest just for me, the red thermos is a medium size for some sharing, and the largest silver pitcher is enough for several people.
Do you travel with tea? Maybe you just carry a few teabags with you, which definitely works too.
Happy Weekend, dear friends!
Enjoy traveling with tea.


KitKat said...

Interesting info, thanks for sharing. I have a cotton tea bag holder that I use to carry my teabags. Always look forward to your blog. Blessings for what you do.

Terra said...

Your traveling tea sets are wonderful and how fun you meet with a group once a month. I love tea but only have it at home, always loose leaf tea. Plus I cold brew tea for ice tea, some times a mix of black tea leaves and an Earl Grey. Yummy.

Linda P said...

It was interesting to read about your travels and the way you enjoy tea on the go. My sister-in-law appreciates it when we bring some boxes of tea leaves over to her home in Italy and then share a cup of tea together.

Jeanie said...

I don't travel with tea although sometimes with teabags. I love your keep calm thermos! It's fun to see how you incorporate this very important ritual into your life.

Red Rose Alley said...

You are prepared to travel with tea. Traveling by car would be an easy thing to do, but traveling by plane would be tricky to bring tea goodies. I always travel light, not much room in my travel tote. Your thermos is delightful. And I like the basket, so cute. I just bought some ginger tea and am enjoying it very much.

Have a wonderful week ahead, Marilyn.