Monday, November 13, 2023

Word Magic

 The word this week is FLOW.

Definition:  a smooth uninterrupted movement or progress. a flow of information. b. : stream. also : a mass of material which has flowed when molten.

As I walked by these beautiful falls just a half hour from my home a few days ago I was reminded of the word flow. The water in these falls is continuous. Sometimes in summer the water flow is lighter and after a heavy rain it flows abundantly. In winter they sometimes freeze, but still there is movement, it might be a trickle, but they still flow.

I was walking there with a special cousin and nieces. The sharing and love flowed from both our mouths and touches of hugs.

It was a time of comfort and joy.

It bubbled up in our hearts.

The flow reminded me of a ballet dancer; so beautiful in the poof of her tutu and her movement with the music. She flowed beautifully across the floor and my heart sang her song for a little while.

In the definition it said a flow of information. I find sometimes the flow of information is too much and unavoidable. So much is heard in words and pictures that saddens my heart. So for awhile I will picture the flow of that ballet dancer and these water falls, plus the flow of the swaying trees in the forest and the flow of kind words spoken among dear ones.

What do you think of when the word flow comes to mind?

Have a terrific week, dear friends.

Speak words of kindness and love, let it flow from your mouth.


Jeanie said...

You couldn't have picked better examples for the word "flow." I always think of water or waterfalls or a river. Lovely, Marilyn!

Red Rose Alley said...

The waterfall is so pretty, Marilyn. So nice that you got to walk in your special place with your cousin and nieces. From looking at the trees near the falls, Autumn has arrived. Flow is a good word, and with me, I try to go with the flow in life, but sometimes it's hard when we see something that isn't right. Then and there, I need to speak up. And like you said, the flow of information is sometimes just overwhelming. But it's nice to go back to the peace and have it flow in our hearts. A lovely post today, Marilyn.


Mary said...

I always recall when you and J took us to those beautiful falls - it was a special day, as were all the days we have spent with you both.
Things are 'flowing', kind of, here today as I start organizing my packing yet again!
Mary xx

Pop said...

Your post was excellent! Your writing is both clear and compelling. Write more, please!