Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Celebration of Marmalady's


On December 3rd I have chosen to let my website go. I know, most of you probably don't even realize I have a small online business. Today isn't about selling you anything, but a celebration (though bitter sweet). I bought the name Marmalady's 21 years ago and the website officially went up in March 20 years ago on my 60th birthday. Crazy to say this, when at 60 most people are thinking about winding down. At first my website sold tea and teaware, plus a few ready made tea cozies. I had the tea cozies made in a local factory here in Oregon. My main product was a line of jams and jellies with tea in them and also made at a local jam factory, but my recipes.

That first year I took my products to Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo. It was the first year for the expo too. My jams and jellies ended up mostly selling wholesale to tea shop. At my full steam ahead time I sold to tea shops in 11 states. However, shipping was expensive and wholesale buyers didn't want to pay shipping; so after 9 years I discontinued selling the jams and jellies. I missed them, as they were really good.

When selling at the World Tea Expo people also liked my tea cozies and aprons, but wanted different fabrics than I was selling. I was asked to sell them the pattern, so they could make their own. Now that was a novel idea, since I was already a professional patternmaker. So I packaged up some of my patterns and started selling the patterns on Etsy 15 years ago. Amazingly it has been the sewing patterns that continue to sell.

About 10 years ago I changed my website to one page directing buyers to visit my Etsy page, but I continued to pay for the website all these years. So this week I am letting the website go. Yes, I will still be on Etsy, it does nicely for me. It brings in enough each week to give me tea pocket money and to feed my tea addiction. Smiling!!!

But for today I just wanted to celebrate and share my little business with you. It has been a fun adventure and who knows how much longer I will do Etsy. I love it! Celebrating over 20 years in my little business, 15 years on Etsy, and over 80 years of life. Oh Yes!! Also celebrating 15 years of this little blog called, Delights of the Heart.


The pictures above are my Marmalady's logo and the front page of my #1 selling sewing pattern. Even today I am shipping a couple orders.

This was one of my jams.

This is the tent cozy, which I still sell in a sewing pattern on Etsy.

So celebrate along with me and say "hip-hip hooray!!"

Happy weekend, dear friends! 



Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Linda P said...

Well done Marilyn! Your business was a success and gave you pleasure in different ways. It's sad to let go, but the contacts you made will continue, I'm sure. All the best to you and your family, now and always.

Jeanie said...

Congratulations, Marilyn, on your blogging anniversary and your success. I can see why that would be bittersweet but probably a smart idea as well -- and you do have the Etsy site, and by now, most of your regulars probably moved over there anyway. But whAt I loved about this post is that for all the years I've known you, I never knew this part of your story. I knew you had Marmalady's but I never realized its scope -- or the fact that you started it at 60. I am so impressed! Bravo, my friend!