Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day, the Day After

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Yesterday was Earth Day.
For Earth Day I decided to take my camera on a walk around my neighborhood and see what I could see. For many of you, you may not like graffiti. I am fascinated by a lot of it. What I saw on Earth Day was the above graffiti, which I thought was appropriate for Earth Day. I was reminded that indeed "this land was made for you and me" and it was up to you and me to take care of it. It has been put in our hands to care for just as we care for our homes and families, we must care for our land. Tread lightly as we walk.


Annie said...

I have mixed feelings about graffiti, as many of us do, but somehow this one does not disturb as so many others do.

paris parfait said...

It's the perfect photo for Earth Day!