Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the Moment

Picture is of my favorite spring teacup sitting in a bird nesting box made by my husband.
I have been thinking alot lately about being "In the moment". What does that mean? I understand that when drinking a cup of tea. I can sit quietly, holding a warm cup in my hand, and pause in the moment. Then I read in Simple Abundunce a couple weeks ago about paying attention when we are embracing and talking to others. To stop, look them in the eyes, and take in what they are sharing. How often do you or I really do that, when we are rushing around trying to get just one more thing done? The book says to speak softly, listen attentively, and act as if every conversation you have is the most important thing on your mind today. In Quaker circles we are told to "center down". Bring our core thoughts down to focus on God. A friend gave me an old article from the newspaper and the title was "Take timeout with tea". Am I being told to focus and center, paying attention to each one that crosses my path? This is something I am struggling with right now, as my life sometimes gets very busy and I rush around. I believe many of us probably find ourselves in this state of rushing and not paying attention. Let's all take time today to slow down, sip a cup of your favorite tea, and look in the eyes of those around you. Give full attention to those around you, whether it is petting your dog or cat, talking to your spouse, or returning a faulty computer to the store (as I am doing today). Now this will be the real test for me today. Let me know how it works for you.
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Britt-Arnhild said...

Beautiful Marilyn.
I love this creative photo.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful cup and saucer Marilyn, I also have been reading Simple Abundance this year, the last time I went through it was 2000. I get so much from this book, I think every woman should read and embrace it!

La Tea Dah said...

A beautiful teacup. . .and a great photo!

Happy living in the moment!


parTea lady said...

That is a lovely teacup. Also, thanks for your thoughts on being "in the moment".

Anonymous said...

Marilyn, that book sounds like something I should read. Sometimes quiet moments are hard to find. Thank you for sharing.

Mary said...

I did leave a comment on your giveaway post but am now here and really thinking about your commentary on time and tea (definitely an evocative photo - beautiful).

I feel that my life is getting too hectic - here I am in my sixties - in my mother's time that was often when one was an 'old lady' scaling back and doing old lady things and 'resting' often!! My life is NOT at all like that - I am one busy woman!

In the rush of each day we always try to be home at tea time - it's when I truly feel English, warming the pot, putting in the Earl Grey, opening the biscuit tin and choosing just one (have to watch that sugar number these days!) I'll be going home to Devon in a few weeks and you just know I'll be served tea on pretty china...........along with freshly baked scones, homemade strawberry jam and Devonshire clotted cream, I can hardly wait!

I too have learned much from Simple Abundance - I recently passed my copy along to a young friend, she is also from another country, and finding it somewhat hard to assimilate into life here with an American husband and a young child. She has taught herself English and we communicate well - she calls me her English/American mom - I know what she is facing. We sit over a cuppa now and then and really are able to do the eye to eye thing.

Thanks for your words Marilyn - they made me stop long enough to think and reply here. Perhaps some day we too can chat in person over a pretty china cup - I'd like that..........and I love Oregon!!!!

P.S. That hat is fabulous - love the cloche style and have several.

Angela McRae said...

Very inspirational post, Marilyn! I do feel I often "zoom" through life instead of pausing to fully enjoy everything. I think I'm going to read this post a few more times until it sinks into my spirit!

Relyn said...

Me, too. Oh, I struggle with slowing down as I rush, rush, rush. Here there and everywhere.

Tonight, my slowing down moment was a few minutes ago. Sloane curled up in my lap on a big cushy chair. We snuggled under a blanket and giggled and shared memories of the day that is passing and dreams of the day that will be here soon.