Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tea Cozy Patterns

Marmalady's Wrap Cozy
This is the pattern of the cozy Marmalady's has sold for several years. It is possible to purchase a ready made cozy at But if you sew and would like your own fabric choice, here is the pattern.
Marmalady's Tent Cozy.
The traditional cozy pattern was developed from a cozy I purchased in England.
Both of these cozy patterns will be available in May on my website.
I use the wrap cozy when I am serving alot of tea and want to keep the cozy on the teapot. It is filled with a thermal filling, which keeps the tea warm for up to 2 hours. The traditional cozy I like when I am having tea for just myself and don't mind removing the cozy and then replacing it with each serving. It uses a lofty filling and also keeps the tea warm for up to 2 hours. Now all you would have to do once the cozy is made, is warm up the teapot, make tea, and enjoy!