Sunday, April 26, 2009


"It's not easy being green" is the line from a song by a famous frog. Green is a color I have been captivated by this spring. After the brown, dark colors of winter, green has popped out everywhere. All shades of green. I am surrounded by green. The walls in my office are green. I sometimes drink green tea from a green teapot. I look out the window and see green grass. Oh the yellow green of new leaves is everywhere. People are wearing green. I put on a green top at the store and it makes me look like I am sick. Now why can a color that is so beautiful make one look sick? So I wear my green in my world, but not at my face. Kermit, you look so good in green. Now maybe if I were a frog I could wear green. Enjoy the new green of spring with a walk in the park and if you can, wear green.