Friday, April 17, 2009

Taking Flight

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As a young girl I would watch the bird's flying and dream of flying.
My hearts desire was to soar through the air like a bird.
Building airplanes out of boxes, I would climb to the top of the garage roof, get in the airplane, slide down the roof, and for a moment fly through the air.
I would climb high into trees and swing in the branches hoping to be propelled into space.
Needless to say, our neighbors feared I would break my neck; but for moments I would fly.
There is something so freeing for the spirit to soar. How can we take flight and soar?
My heart still rejoices each time I take flight in a plane. Can we only soar in our dreams, in a plane, or in our spirit? Flying is a feeling of laughter, no worries, freedom to be who we want to be, taking risks. Take flight with me today. Let out that breathe we have been holding in, breathe deep and leap! Leap into the unknown, be daring, do that thing you were afraid to do, and rejoice in the trip. Will it be a short trip, a failed trip, or one that takes us to new heights? Whatever it is, for a moment we flew and our hearts soared.
Come fly with me!

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paris parfait said...

This is a wonderful image! My husband is a bird-watcher and I do admire birds and their ability to soar above it all. As for actual flight, strangely after years and years of getting on a plane practically every week, I am now filled with dread at the thought of getting on one - especially a long-haul flight - and do so only when absolutely necessary. Trains are my preferred mode of transport (and luckily, in Europe there's an excellent train system).