Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Country Roads

Driving country roads I notice a fascinating life, somethings not seen in the city.
Although I must say more and more country life is seeping into city life.
Portland will allow 3 chickens per household and
many are beginning to raise chickens in their yards.
Personally I have thought of the beehive, as we already have one in the tree.
The pickup calls to me.  Oh how I would love to have one that has a working engine.
I thought the flowers were really pretty.
What a sense of humor someone had to place Mary among the flowers.
Pictures were taken as I visited a lavender farm on Sauvie Island recently.
No lavender you say.  That will be for another day.
Do you have touches of the country seeping into your life?


Annie said...

Marilyn, you never fail to make me smile. The truck with Mary and all the flowers is such a happy thing to look upon. And, of course, the rooster and hen are fabulous.

Laurie said...

That truck is awesome! What a clever idea for something that would be a terrible eyesore! I need to look around me, a country girl myself.

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

Love the truck, makes wonderful garden art!
I haven't been down to Sauvie Island in quite some time. We used to go see the wintering swans.
Thanks for sharing your outing!

Angela McRae said...

I guess the "country" I experience would be the wildlife that's been seen in my backyard: deer, a fox, a coyote (according to my husband), possums, raccoons, and last week, a snapping turtle that wandered up from our creek! And we live fairly close to the interstate! I love that truck. If we had more than our 2-1/2 acres, I would love to have garden art like that and those pretty flower beds (that are literally beds) strewn all over!

beth said...

ohhhh.....i totally want that truck, too !

parTea lady said...

I love your photos. That red truck as a planter is really something and so is that colorful rooster. I like your beekeeping idea. ;-)

Gillian said...

Yes, we do! A farm, only a half mile up the road.
Several actually.

Oh the truck is adorable. What a nice way to make it one with nature instead of scrapping it.


Coleen said...

wow!!...I should go to sauvie Island to see this great you remember where??....thank you for your kinds words, make me smile!

Heart Hugs,

koralee said...

Such a cute that red pickup...just adorable. xoxox

Laurie Chaney said...

Tree swing, bee's nest and blackberries are seeping into my San Francisco backyard.

Jeanne said...

I love Mother Mary and have her everywhere.............

I love all you share my darling friend
I adore everything you post♥

somepinkflowers said...

♥ love it ♥


{{ now
i know what to do with my Old Jeep

you know... }}

Tracy said...

Oh, what floral fun, Marilyn! I LOVE the pickup truck bursting with floral beauty--and Virgin Mary as keeper of the flowers! Look forward to the peek at all the lavender! I try to bring a little "country" to our little garden here near the coast, as I am originally a country girl. Country being a very casual way of gardening, adding pots, wooden signs and floral linens to the deck for graceful, easy dining outside. Summer is just starting here--so I'm excited for summer! Happy Day :o) ((HUGS))

~Sheila~ said...

Such great pictures Marilyn!
The truck is awesome, but what really steals my heart is that gorgeous multi-coloured rooster. He's magnificent.
We had a touch of country seep into our lives last night that we could have done without.
Hubby was downstairs watching TV and suddenly hollered we have a mouse!
After much excitement (I was creeped out!)he caught it and took it outside and put it over the back fence. Today's job is to find out how it got in. Until we do I'm not going near the laundry room...haha!

Relyn said...

That truck! Oh, that's my truck. My husband finds it hilarious that my dream car is an old truck. When we married, I was the furthest thing from a country girl you can imagine.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

These pictures are so fun! I've seen a flower "bed" before, but never a flower "truck bed!" How neat! Thanks for sharing these pictures!