Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Yesterday as I looked at a travel magazine I came across this phrase "hush of the soul".
It led me to start thinking about what brings hush to my soul.
These pictures in the collage are what I think of when I take time to hush my soul.
The green and soft colors of nature soothe my soul.
Water in nature touches me in my soul.
Sharing tea outdoors with a friend or in quiet solitude gives me a time of hush to my soul.
Take a moment or two to quiet your soul today.

What inspires a hush time in your soul?


~Sheila@tempus fugit~ said...

Hush time in my soul is inspired by solitude.
A deserted beach at sunset, with the waves rolling in.
Under a leafy tree beside a rippling stream, or
sitting in the garden listening to bees and birds around me.
Finally sitting at the window watching a torrential rain storm, I can feel all my cares being washed away.

Adrienne said...

Hush time - that's what I need today. Time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Quiet time in the beauty of the world around me. Think I'll make a space in my day for hush time - the work can wait!

Laurie said...

I notice not only with you and the other 2 comments, that as with me, reconnection with nature is what I use to hush my soul. Barefoot in the grass, sitting in my flower garden, under the shade of a tree, and the most hush is every evening at dusk, at the end of a hectic day, sitting outside listening to the birds sing their evening songs.

SE'LAH... said...

quiet time, she hushes my soul to sleep.

thanks so much for joining us on the bridge of love on july 6th ;)

somepinkflowers said...

for me is early morning
when the world is waking up

NOT when it is going to sleep...


i wonder why?

i am the first one
out walking in my neighborhood
and dew is still On Everything...

during the waking up part...

parTea lady said...

Your photos are lovely. That lake looks so calm and peaceful. People really do need to find that hush time.

koralee said...

Love your post today....I so agree that white flowers always calm my soul...yours are so so pretty! The ocean does the same for me....hugs for a great evening my friend. xoxoxo

Tracy said...

Your beautiful mosaic brings a momentary hush to my soul, Marilyn! Communing with nature in any way is hush for my soul--just tinkering in our little garden, tea on the patio, a few home-grown blooms for a vase, a walk on the beach, a rainbow in the sky after a storm...Mother Nature sooths my soul every time. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

beth said...

hmmmmm....being outside with nature always hushes me and my soul....