Friday, June 18, 2010

World Tea Expo - 2010

Last weekend the World Tea Expo for 2010 took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This is the eighth year I have attended.
Each year there is a reception where you can rub shoulders with tea celebrities and tea business entrepreneurs.  This year it was held around the pool at the Hilton Hotel.
It is always a pleasure to observe different tea ceremonies.
Taiwan oolong teas are at the top of my list; so opportunities for tasting them is a real treat.

The exhibition hall was full of tea vendors from Taiwan, England, Hawaii, New Zealand, India, Ceylon, Japan, Korea, Kenya, and China.  There were beautiful teapots and accessories.  Tea travel mugs, lotions and soaps made with tea, tea books, tea filters, and about anything imaginable for tea, including tea art.
The hall buzzes with the thrill of tea.

I have been away for a few days.
I am almost back to normal and ready to have a cup of tea in the garden.
Do you enjoy tea in the garden?
Maybe ice tea on a hot summer day?
Take Joy in celebrating with tea.


Laurie said...

My brain would go on overload! Tea, tea pots, cups and saucers, oh my!

Adrienne said...

Oh, I was hoping you would share a bit about Tea Expo. So glad you could go - can't wait to hear all about it when we have tea in your garden next week!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Sounds like a fun and interesting time...also delicious, as you were probably introduced to several teas you hadn't tried before.

I think all occasions are more wonderful with a teapot and teacup in attendance.

Have a lovely day,

Susan said...

I am amazed. I have never heard of such a convention, and so large. Glad you could enjoy.

CindyW said...

I had a great time when I attended (about 4 years ago?). It looks like it's gotten even larger than it was before. Did you have a booth this year?

Karen Sue said...

It looks like the tea industry is doing well. Much bigger than when I attended the expo. So glad you were able to enjoy the Oolong Teas from Taiwan. Thanks for posting pictures it is even more that I'd pitured.

Linda J. said...

Thanks so much for sharing your photos of the Tea Expo.

Angela McRae said...

I've been looking forward to hearing your report from the World Tea Expo! So wish it would come back to Atlanta!

Ginger said...

Thanks for sharing the expo with us. It looks like a lot of fun. What will the new trends in tea be for the coming year?

Christina said...

this is so wonderful!
i still enjoy warm tea, even though the temp is warm outside. : )

Steph said...

I love the photos and wish I could have gone in person. Maybe next year! Thank you for the summary. And your garden is a very lovely place for tea!

koralee said...

Oh my goodness..what fun..a TEA EXPO...I think I would be in heaven. xoxo Thanks for sharing.

somepinkflowers said...


i have ALWAYS
wanted to do this
i am quite happy
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lucky you.

Tracy said...

VERY exciting, Marilyn--thanks for taking us there! Taking tea has been greatly soothing to the days just now, which have been difficult...and enjoying a cup in the sunshine is a bonus. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

SE'LAH... said...

What an awesome sure get to do some really cool things.

parTea lady said...

I've always wanted to attend the World Tea Expo. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Relyn said...

OK, I'll confess something. As much as I enjoy the idea of tea, I don't actually like the flavor.

Do you still love me?

Mary said...

I know this was a lot of fun and I'm sure you discovered some really neat new tea tasted some good teas. I'm looking forward to meeting my local friend who also went to the expo - I'm certain she enjoyed it too.

Yes, the 'bush tea' in Africa was Rooibos (the brand name was Five Roses) but tasted very floral/herbal and was quite delicious. I didn't add milk.

Annie said...

What a fascinating experience that would be to go to such an expo. Educational too. Is the expo in the same week every year?

kimberly shaw said...

Great photos! I have only been once, so I appreciate seeing it even though I wasn't able to go this year.

LisaKnowsTea said...

It was great to see you at the World Tea Expo. I especially enjoyed sitting with at the luncheon. Wonderful pictures posted that really envoke the excitement of the expo!