Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Apron for Marmalady's

I am excited to show you a new apron pattern I am developing for Marmalady's.
I couldn't wait, it isn't even on the website yet.
It is a copy of a vintage apron I found a few years ago in an antique shop.
The original had a beautiful cluster of grapes painted on it and the trim was crocheted.
There are many opportunities to be creative with painting, fabric choices, and trim choices.
Several have asked me to put together an apron pattern that would be great for a mom or grandmother.
I thought this would be the perfect gift.
Just make the apron in a light color or white, then the children can paint their hand prints on it.
The children I had painting their hand prints could hardly contain themselves.
They wanted to do alot of hand prints; so they did need some supervising to get only the two sets.
It was lots of fun!
The pattern will be available at the end of June and will cost $10.00.